The core business of the Centro di Documentazione Giornalistica still consists in specialised publications for the world of journalism, communication, PR and marketing.

For over 40 years, the Agenda del Giornalista is the main working tool for business-to-business and communication specialists. An editorial staff of professional journalists, business communication experts and editors work 12 months a year to study, observe, collect and check data. The Agenda del Giornalista every year provides the most detailed overview edited in Italy of the world of the media, communication, marketing and public relations.

For more than 25 years, Italian journalists study and prepare themselves for the state examination for journalist using the material published by the Centro di Documentazione Giornalistica.

The text books, written by the National Order of Journalists and by the ex-chairman of the Order of Journalists of Lombardia, are also a must-have working tool for communication professionals and for law firms specialised in information and communication.

Continuous training. The series Journalism and Communication Tools, which consists in tens of subject publications, is the answer to the demand of the continuously changing technological world of information and communication professionals. Renowned Italian journalists and university professors collaborate each year with the Centro di Documentazione Giornalistica to add new titles to the collection.

The Order of Journalists and the National Order of Journalists. Thanks to the continuous collaboration with the most prestigious Italian journalism schools, the Centro di Documentazione Giornalistica participates each year in the development of shared projects, round table meetings, conventions and publications.

KOKORO is a new series of Centro di Documentazione Giornalistica, not closely related to the world of journalism and communication. It gives voice to novels, essays, manuals that can help create a culture of peace, conceived as the only value on which to build any human enterprise.

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